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Weekly catch up 25-31 July

Hiya! I can’t believe it’s now August! How quickly has this year gone so far!? The last week in July was a bit mental for me, with loads going on at work and lots planned for the weekend.

On Friday night we went to a Gala dinner that one of our friends hosted to raise money for a charity called CALM (campaigning Against Living Miserably), it’s a charity that aims to help men who are battling depression and help prevent suicide. So I had my outfit planned for months in advance (it was a dress which I nicked off my mum!) but you know sometimes when an outfit doesn’t quite match the occasion? Yeah, that, sooooo I raided my besties wardrobe (because I can do that now!) and borrowed a dress which was unlike anything I’ve EVER worn before because

1) It was red, like properly Red, red (too attention drawing for Fatkerry)

2) It was bodycon
I would have looked like a whale in a condom had I attempted to wear it a year ago! Now I still had to wear my trusty Spanx (I always will) and I was conscious that my belly wasn’t perfectly flat, but do you know what? I felt good about myself! I wasn’t comparing myself to other people all night, I ate, I drank, I danced and I loved it! It was made even better when we walked in the room to see a couple who we see at this event every year, and they didn’t recognise me!

So because I knew I was wearing this bodycon dress on the Friday, I was an ANGEL all week, I had to undo the damage from an off plan weekend so it was fruiteatox every day and healthy syns mostly, with the odd freddo thrown in for the chocolate fix. Weighing in early on the Friday morning saw a maintain, which I was more than happy with. So for the next 2 weeks before my holiday, I need to maintain, and tone up the flabby bits so I can feel comfortable with myself while I’m away.

Saturday my sister in laws birthday, so we went out for dinner again to a Turkish restaurant, the food was gorgeous as always! As well as that I also had minstrels and ice cream and a chilli dog and baileys and crisps, and a waffle and parties and way, wayyyyyy to many syns to count! So many that I put on 3lbs in 3 days! But I’m not panicking, I know I can get that off again before my holiday

We’ve spent the last week trying to potty train Oliver. It’s gone better than expected to be honest. Our approach has been to not make a big deal of it, we take his nappy off and let him play then when he starts jigging we just put him on the pot. Each day is getting better!
I’m off now to do a meal plan for the week and a Tesco’s online shop, ready for 7 days 100% on plan (no weekend treats for me!)
Hope you all have an amazing week!
K x


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