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July monthly faves

Hello,I thought I would do a new kind of post today and share somethings I’ve been loving the past month. Let me know if it’s the kind of post you like and I’ll make it a monthly thing!

I’ve been giving these teatox teabags a go for the last few weeks now and ive been loving them! Ive done a full review HERE but I see good results on the scales and they help me sleep like a baby so im carrying on with them.

July has been ALL about the waffles for breakfast! They’re ideal for me because I can make them the night before, add loads of speedy veg to the mix and eat them the next morning at my desk. I got the waffle mould from ebay (just search silicone waffle mould) and I’ve posted the recipe HERE. My favourite way to have them is with white chocolate flavoured quark and berries.
Littles (

I’ve loved Littles coffee for a while now but the last month ive been going back to them a LOT. I use these flavoured, syn free coffees at least once a day, they do such a good job of distracting me from the cake/ chocolate cravings. Because they are flavoured I find them so much easier to drink black than normal coffee (saving my HEA!) but my favourite way to have them are as a latte with warmed almond milk (you can have a litre of the Alpro unsweetened one as your healthy extra, that 5 Lattes!)
Mayflower curry

You might have seen this on Instagram or in some of the slimming world forums, and if you haven’t tried it, you are missing out! I pick it up from B&M but farmfoods do it as well, and at 4 syns for a portion, it’s more than I normally prefer to use for a meal BUT it’s so worth it! It tastes exactly like chippy curry sauce! I throw in some frozen cooked chicken breast, onions, mushrooms and broccoli and serve it with plain boiled rice (the blue dragon sachets are syn free), tea cooked in 10 mins, and just as good as any takeaway!

Basil and Garlic Roasted Tomatoes

Hugo my little tomato plant isn’t so little anymore and I’ve had my first harvest! I’ve still got more to come but I put the first lot to good use by roasting them with garlic, salt, pepper and fresh basil and OHMYLORDY they’re my new favourite thing! Soo good with steak or fish or pasta or courgette or anything I can find as an excuse to have them as a side dish with! They’re syn free and best of all they’re a speed food!

So those were my July favourites! Are any of these things on your Loves list? Or are you going to give any of them a go after reading this? Let me know in the comments!
K x


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