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Catch up post: EXCITING TIMES! 😁

I think its about time I did an update to fill you in on whats been going on in my life!!
I took a couple of weeks off the healthy eating lark as I was on holiday and It was my birthday, and in those couple of weeks I managed to gain 12lbs!!! However after 2 weeks back on track ive managed to shift 10lbs with 2 lbs of holiday gain left to go.
As well as work being the manic hellhole that it always is, Oliver is going into the terrible twos stage, hes learnt to say no and argue back, however he is potty trained! We have no accidents at home anymore and only a few at nursery.

I went for an actual proper haircut, at an actual hairdressers. It’s the first haircut I’ve had (other than a DIY job) in about 4 years and I went short! I’ve always used my hair as a screen to hide behind, to camouflage some of the moon face that was hiding behind it, but now I’m feeling more confident and there’s not so much face to hide I decided to go for a change! 

But on to the exciting bits….
I had an email a couple of weeks back who wanted to do a story on my weight loss and the fact that I use Instagram as a weight loss tool. After featuring on the websites of a couple of UK papers, I have had emails from America, Australia and Japan, as well as one of the UK magazines that I read. So the last week has been insane. My family shared the article on facebook so now real people who know me in real life know about my secret insta life! This thought scares me, on Instagram it feels like I don’t know these people so I can be myself, I don’t have to censor the things that I put on there like I would on facebook but im going to carry on regardless, I’ve learnt to live my life for me not to please others!

The other thing I’m excited about is the fact that Autumn is on its way!

 Bring on anything pumpkin spice flavoured, warm cosy nights with blankets and candles (ALL THE CANDLES!) and knit wear! I Love autumn (in case you couldn’t tell). I have been experimenting with butternut squash puree (because it’s not QUITE pumpkin season yet) so far I’ve made pumpkin (butternut squash) spice latte overnight oats (not great if I’m being honest!) and pumpkin spice waffles (amazing!!) .

So that’s where I’m up to at the moment, I’m going to be working on some new recipes as well over the next few weeks so I’ll be posting those soon

Lots of Love!
K xx


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