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Weekly Catch up: A weekend being Kerry

I’m writing this post on a grey and miserable morning, wearing about 5 layers and cuddling a hot water bottle… winter is definitely on its way! Roll on the knit wear and cosy evenings.


Oliver got into his first fight on Friday at nursery, he walked away with a bloody nose. The Husband WAY over reacted and wanted to go down there to threaten the 2 year old who did it, I tried to reason with him that this is the kind of thing boys get up to! However when he got home and saw that (Great) Nanny Lollipop had come to stay, the bloody nose was forgotten about!

My Nan was over as we were going away for a spa weekend so I got to spend some quality time with my Nan, Mum and Auntie, as well as the rest of the Ladies in our family. The weekend got off to an eventful start when we lost the car key (i say we but actually…..) after spending an HOUR looking through the bags and boxes which filled Nans car, we decided it must be in shut in the frame of the boot door, however there is no boot open on her car, you NEED the key to open the boot, so it was an SOS call to one of our best friends to use Andys tools (he was at golf) to take the plastic panel off the car boot to be able to manually open it and find the key. Which we did, but I then put the biggest keyring i could find on her key to stop in happen again!

We stayed at the Parsonage hotel and Spa in Escrick, which was beautiful. I made use of the Gym in the hotel (to cancel out some of the calories consumed!) had a swim and was treated to a Lush massage.

On Sunday we explored York city centre, which is a Stunning place then had afternoon tea in the Royal York hotel (see pics, £22.50 per person including a hot drink, very worth it in my opinion!)


It was lovely to actually spend the weekend being Kerry. Not Mum or a Wife, just me. I didn’t have to be responsible for any one else other than myself, and as much as i missed the 2 men in my life, it was nice to just spend a period of time on myself.

As well as Spas and pampering, last week I did an interview for, this is my second interview for an American website, as soon as I get the link I’ll let you know in case anyone wants to have a look!

I’m planning on doing a big sort out on this blog over the next couple of weeks to make it easier to read and use, please let me know if there’s anything you would like to see on here!

Hope you all have a fab week!

Lots of Love

K x


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