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Weekly update: A miracle loss!

There’s not really much to update you lovely lot on this week! Its been the usual cycle of nursery runs, work and food however I seem to have reached a new record on keeping the house tidy so maybe I’ve actually changed this time!?

I tried to use some of my syns more healthily last week, using them on things like Nutribombz (see my review here ) and Nakd bars. And it seems to have worked as I got a 1lb loss, even after last weekends AMAZING afternoon tea in York! (see last weeks catch up post for some drool-worthy pics!)

I stuck to plan during the daytime this weekend, however really let myself go in the evenings. It started on Saturday evening. Andy had to go out to work so I decided to have a bit of a pamper and treated myself to a bubble bath with Prosecco and my book (currently reading never Let me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro, I loved the film and so far I’m loving the book too, it makes you stop and think).

Then Andy bought me home some ice cream from a pub near us, they make it all on site and do the most amazing flavours, I went for double choc muffin, English toffee and mars attacks, so god knows how many syns are in that!
On Sunday we tried to undo some of the damage with a trip to the gym, but gym pants that are too big make it a bit impossible to give it 100%. Instead of running I just upped the angle and climbed instead so still managed to work up a sweat. Then we did a bit on the cross trainer and some weights. Seeing how much weight I have lost stacked up on one of the weight machines really put into perspective for me what I have achieved… trying to lift it even more so!

We did a big food shop with Oliver and got in all the food for the week then took him to see the puppies at a local shelter, which he LOVED. He recently watched the life of pets and keeps going on that he wants a Max doggie… and a Benji rabbit in his room… and a cat called hippo, kid doesn’t want much! Andy is firmly on the no pets bandwagon but we’re working on it.
Then it was home for a syn free roast, I’ll be posting how I make my roast potatoes soon as I have perfected the art of getting them just right! I put a chicken in the slow cooker in the morning with carrots and an onion, and we had that with the potatoes and veg. So up till that point Sunday was syn free, then we got cheesecake, not just any cheesecake… caramel waffle cheesecake the SIZE OF MY HEAD! 1 slice did the two of us WITH leftovers and it was still too much, with ice cream!

I majorly overdosed on the syns this weekend so its back on the fruiteatox for me (reivew here), healthy syns, exercise and loads of speed food to get me back on track, wish me luck!

Hope you all have a fab week!
K x


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