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Weekly catch up: illuminations and cheesecake

Hi guys, sorry I’m late posting this week, I’ve had a jam packed weekend with family visiting but I’m here now!

Since my last post I’ve had some career related news, (nothings changing yet but there’s light at the end of the tunnel!) I’ve updated this blog to make it easier to navigate around, as well as posting my eat lean cheese review (HERE).

An appointment at the doctors led to a MASSIVE non scale victory for me, my BMI is now low enough to go on the normal pill, the Nurse asked why I was on the mini pill and she didn’t quite believe me when I told her it was because my BMI was too high! She was a LOVELY lady who had recently lost 8 stone following a gastric bypass, so we spent a good half hour sharing our weight loss stories.
Weigh in this week was a miraculous 2lb loss, I was hoping for a maintain after over indulging last weekend, so was way happy with this!

My dad, stepmom and sister came up to visit this weekend, we had a slimming world friendly curry on Friday night but the rest of the weekend was a slimming world write off! We went for a ride on the purple bus, to Blackpool to see the illuminations (and 2p machines OBVS!). On Sunday we went to our local favourite family pub for tea, this definitely wasn’t low syn, I had a hot dog, sweet potato fries, coleslaw followed by ice cream. On the plus side, I hit my 10,000 steps both days!

I took them all to the Trafford centre yesterday where I was all on plan until we got home and Andy pulled caramel waffle cheesecake and salted caramel ice cream out the fridge/freezer, and any willpower I did have went running out the room and I shovelled it into my gob.

I’ve woken up today and my mind doesn’t seem to be in it at the moment so I’m going to give myself a break, I’ll still be following the plan mostly but not beating myself up if a stray a bit. Il give myself a week of this before strapping myself firmly back in the wagon. So next week’s catch up should be interesting!
Please bear with me while slimming world is up in the air at the moment, Il be back on it soon I promise! And I’ll be posting my syn free pumpkin spice coffee syrup this week, so keep your eye out for that!
K x


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