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Before we start this post I just want to do a little disclaimer. I am not saying that you cant lose weight without cutting out carbs, because you CAN! I lost over 2 stone by having pasta and rice and potatoes, then I discovered Slimming Worlds SP plan, where you only eat speed and protein foods and decided to give it a go mainly because you get two healthy extra Bs on these days (I use these for snacking!)

As someone who doesn’t like vegetables, it seemed like a real challenge for me to make sure each meal was 50% fruit or veg, so I decided to disguise them. I had the same meals as I’d always had but just swapped the carb portion for a hidden veg. Now I do mainly SP days and always manage to squeeze in my 50% speed foods, so I thought I’d share a few of my Speedy carb swaps!
Rice/ cous cous -> Cauliflower

If someone had told me a couple of years back that I would be eating cauliflower on a regular basis, I would have laughed in their face (not literally, that would be mean). I HATE the stuff, however when its blitzed in a food processer and fried with egg (egg fried cauli rice recipe HERE) or with pilau seasoning (Pilau cauli rice recipe HERE) I could eat it all day long. There’s no cauliflower taste to it and it’s the perfect rice substitute.

Pizza Crust -> Cauliflower and courgette pizza crust

There are loads of different slimming world friendly pizza crust substitutes (wraps using your healthy extra, ‘Meatzza’, Smash base) however cauli/courgette crust is PERFECT for SP days as you can sneak in plenty of speed. My recipe for this is here and it’s a fave for a quick and easy ‘feelslikeatreat’ meal.

Chips/fries -> Butternut squash chips

I know that sweet potato chips are all the rage now instead of white potato ones, but neither of these are a speed food. Instead I swap potato for butternut squash, sprinkle with chip seasoning and spray with fry light for a sweet & spicy chip substitute.

Pasta -> courgette noodles

I make courgette noodles with my spiralizer (or you can use a potato peeler and cut the slices into noodles) and boil for a few minutes. I love these fake noodles with a Bolognese sauce or a carbonara style ham and cheese sauce. You can also use a potato peeler to create lasagne style courgette sheets.

Mashed Potato -> Carrot and swede mash

One of our favourite teas as a family is cottage pie, topped with piles of mashed potato, however this makes it a no-no for SP days. By swapping mashed potato for mashed carrots and swede (check out the singing swede method of cooking on google!) I can throw together a non carby cottage pie in less than half an hour that the whole family will eat.

Hope this helps give some ideas, especially for those struggling with EESP days! 

K x


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