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Weekly catch-up: going Out out and my Karaoke debut!

Hi Folks! So I’m back for my weekly catch up, and I know you’ve heard it a million times but back on plan after a naughty weekend! But do you know what? It’s not something I’m stressing over anymore, I worked hard to achieve my goal, I got there and now I’m taking the scenic route and enjoying life on the way.

After a massive gain on the scales last Saturday, I made a real effort last week to stick to plan, everything I ate and drank was documented so I could keep track and I gave it 100%, which paid off as I lost over half the weight I had put on the week before. But then it went to pot… AGAIN.

We had my brothers and their wife/ fiancée  staying with us at the weekend as it was Darren’s 30th and for the first time in I don’t know how long I went OUT out! A meal in a Chinese restaurant then cocktails and karaoke, as well as the scones, donuts, takeaways and chocolates that I also had, so I am dreading the scales on Saturday, I’m pretty sure I’ve undone all the hard work from last week.

But I’m drawing a line under it and starting a fresh today, meal plan has been done, shopping has been ordered and green tea is being drunk!

Regardless of the calories/ syns consumed on Saturday, it was the best (and first) night out I’ve had in a LONG time. I even made my Karaoke debut! (singing Shania Twains’ Man I Feel Like a Woman, Obvs!) This shows how much my confidence has increased as I would never have dreamed of singing (if you can call it that!) in public a year ago! Sometimes dieting has to take a back seat to life, and making memories. As I’ve said time and time again, life is about balance, and if you can make healthier decisions 90% of the time then you can afford to let your hair down every now and again. The only problem is I seem to be letting my hair down more and more these days, I need to reign it back in a bit and start sticking to plan at weekends again.  

I’m planning on trying out a couple of new recipes this week, so if they are successes I will be sharing with you, I also have a post planned for Wednesday about eating healthier on a budget, so keep your eyes peeled for that, hopefully it will give some tips to anyone struggling.  I’ll be making some speedy soup with Oliver on Tuesday night ready for lunch and his tea a couple of nights this week. I make up a batch of the soup (recipe here) and use it as soup one night then the base for pasta sauce and curry for the other nights he has tea at home (he eats at nursery 2 nights a week). This way I can make sure he’s getting plenty of veg in his diet even when he’s being particularly fussy!

Also this week I have setup a FatKerry facebook page, so make sure you give that a follow for more content, just search FatKerry in the facebook search bar.

I have family up at the weekend again but I’m hoping to stick to plan this time, so wish me luck! What do you have planned to help you succeed this week? Let me know in the comments.

K x



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