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Healthy Eating on a budget

One of the biggest things that delayed my decision to start eating healthier was the belief that fresh food and veggies were expensive (errrrrr HELLO, we were spending £20 a DAY on takeaways, but ya know, that’s my logic). Here’s a bunch of things that I’ve learnt over the last two years to try and make a healthy lifestyle as cost effective as possible.

1) Hit up Aldi, Lidl and Local Markets

I could not believe the price difference between these stalls/ stores and my usual main-line supermarkets. Comparing the fruit and veg I get from Tesco to Aldi, not only is it cheaper but it also seems to last longer as well!

2) Plan Your Meals

I do a meal plan every week before I do my shop as I know then exactly what I need to buy for each meal and wastage is reduced. You can view my weekly meal plan and download a blank copy for yourself here.

3) Shop Online
By doing my shopping online I’m less likely to be tempted by things not on my shopping list! I can’t be lured into unnecessary aisles and make those impulse buys

4) Batch Cook
I always cook extra portions of main meals to have for lunch the next day or put in the freezer for lazy days. This way I’m not having to buy additional lunch foods that I won’t use up before they go bad and my freezer is always stocked with healthy meals whether I’m in the mood to cook or not.

5) Make Bulk Purchases

9 times out of 10 it is more cost effective to buy foods in bulk than individual servings. We bulk buy meat (Tescos does good deals or we go to Costco or Meatmart) and freeze in portion sizes or cook them straightaway and freeze as ready prepared meals mentioned above.

6) Use a slow cooker

Even cheap cuts of meat can go fall-apart tender when cooked in the slow cooker. They are ideal for making filling, warming and cost effective meals with minimal effort. Check out my recipes for lots of slow cooker meal ideas, these are ideal for bulk cooking too!

Let me know if you’ve got any more money saving tips for healthy eating!

K x



5 thoughts on “Healthy Eating on a budget

  1. Have had niece and brother here so not much time to go made with food prep so did some of your soups and liver with onions in gravy, also cheapest beef cut in slow oven with veggie – no complaints so far

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    1. Aw good! I tried a new soup today which was lovely! Curried pumpkin and carrot! Will be posting it on Friday. Quite often il add leftover chicken/bacon or some ham to the soup xx


  2. I was searching for inspirational stories on weight loss and I come across your blog. One of the best about healthy food for all pockets! Thank you for sharing.

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