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REVIEW: Spice-n-tice spice and seasoning kits

There is a reason why Spice-n-tice receives so much love on Instagram. These little packets of spices and seasonings pack a whole heap of flavour. 

When I was sent a package of Spice-n-tice’s latest products to try, I immediately did that week’s meal plan to accommodate trying as many as possible!
Having tried some of their products before I was expecting great things, and even the Hubby wanted to give some new dishes a go. We love the Tikka Masala, Cajun and jerk spice kits they do and rave about them to everyone we know!

The thing that I love about these kits, is aside from them being seriously tasty, is that there is a shopping list and step by step instructions printed on to the pack, making them pretty much fool proof. I adapt the recipes by not using any oil or sugar (I swap for water and sweetener) to keep them syn free.

One of the new products I tried was the Chimichurri rub. These rubs are SO versatile, you can add them directly to meat (hence the name rub!) to pasta or rice dishes and use them to make sauces. Cooking for 4 people, I made a sauce using the instructions on the packet and cooked the chicken in it. It was quick and effortless, and we ended up chicken that was SO tasty! I will definitely be doing this one again.

Tea tonight is the Persian Kofta and I am drooling already at the thought of it! (UPDATE: it was AMAZING!) 

You can buy the spice kits from with 25 different kits with flavours from around the world, the individual kits range from £1.49 – £1.99 each and rubs are £2.49, but multi packs and gift sets are also available. Delivery is fast and arrives in good condition and the customer service is excellent.

Have you tried these spice kits, or are you planning to after reading this (you should!) let me know in the comments

K x


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