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Weekly catch up: getting that Christmas feeling and staying on track

Hello! This weekend we had my dad, step mum and sister staying with us, and as much as I love having family stay (its something I miss out on living further away from home) it does tend to lead to my eating habits going astray!

After last weekend’s high syn antics (see last weeks post HERE), I was MORE than happy with a maintain on the scales and I t shows that the plan works with 5 days on track undoing the effects of an indulgent weekend. I was determined that I wouldn’t do the same this weekend!
Winter is definitely on its way, it’s now dark when I’m going to work in the mornings and its dark when I’m coming home, and since I don’t have any windows in my office im not seeing much of the sun! However this is the kind of weather I LOVE! Not being out in it, as I don’t handle the cold well, but being wrapped up inside watching it from a distance. This kind of weather calls for candles, fairy lights, cosy pyjamas and comfort food!

Since my current pyjama situation was getting pretty dire (think leggings that are pinned at the waist and checked trousers that have been cut down the seams and tied in a knot!) my lovely hubby went on a mission to get me some new ones. He picked some Harry Potter ones (a bit random but cute nonetheless) and the most AMAZING Elf pyjamas I have EVER SEEN! Annnnnd the total beaut got me the dressing gown Ive been banging on about for the last 2 months, which is the softest, most delightful, cloud of fluff WITH A HOOD, so I can be completely wrapped up and snug. Being cosy is when im at my happiest, and with my new gingerbread yankee candle going I am SO READY for Christmas! Apart from you know… getting presents, making lists and ACTUALLY being ready for Christmas!

On the subject of Christmas, we took Dad and Sue to the magical Christmas wonderland that is Bents garden centre (seriously if you live anywhere near the northwest of England and you haven’t been then you’re missing out!) I got some ideas for the Christmas table, sniffed all the candles and drooled at the food stands, yet I managed to resist buying anything (too poor!) and tasting anything, even the sticky toffee pudding and pavalova!
After coming home from the garden centre I made some speedy lunch (soup from the freezer) in preparation for that nights tea. 

Its kind of a tradition now that whenever Dad comes up, we go to this particular takeaway for a kebab and Applewood farm for takeaway pud and i had promised myself a sample of the new pumpkin spice Baileys ever since Andy surprised me with it at the beginning of the week (isn’t he a good’un!?) HOWEVER even though I over synned, I was definitely more mindful of what I was eating. Me and Andy shared a kebab, with less sides that normal and I only had one scoop of ice cream so I could have a taste instead of my usual 3! And 1 off plan meal didn’t lead to me throwing away the rest of the weekend, I took myself off to bed and got straight back on track the next day.

Sunday was a lazy day indoors while I made a roast dinner for everyone, including some pretty majestic syn free roasties (RECIPE HERE)

You may have noticed that these weekly catch ups tend to jump from one weekend to the next, completely skipping weekdays. But that’s because my weeks tend to follow the same pattern of work and nursery drop offs, noting exciting really happens! If it does Il be sure to fill you in!

This week however I’m planning an autumnal adventure walk with the brat child, a visit from my bestie and a meal out with more friends! So maybe next weeks update will actually acknowledge that Monday through Friday exist?

Hope you all have a fantastic week and heres to a week on plan!
K x


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