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REVIEW: Tasty Little Numbers

When a parcel gets delivered to work and all your workmates crowd around to see it, it best be good to avoid being the office disappointment of the day! And my delivery from tasty little numbers didn’t let me down! 

This company ( has a tag line of “take the messin outta guessin” offering a MASSIVE range of 100 calorie snacks and 200 calorie meals, making life that bit easier when you’re trying to keep track of what you’re eating.

Products are available directly from their website as well as amazon (just search tasty little numbers) and there’s a whole variety of sweet and savoury snacks. Personally the meals weren’t for me as on slimming world I’m used to eating big portions of fresh food but for someone whose following a calorie controlled diet or has a smaller appetite with a busy lifestyle then these would be ideal.

The snacks were where it was at for me. I loved the idea of being able to grab anything and knowing that it would only be 5 syns. It made getting my evening snack plate together a lot simpler and I was able to grab a sweet treat or savoury snack in a rush!

Although all the snacks are only 100 calories, there was no compromise on taste, and at reasonable prices, I will definitely be ordering again. My personal fave was the cocoa dusted blueberries, they were amazing!

Let me know if you fancy giving these a go in the comments below!

K x


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