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Why I joined Slimming World

I have been tagged in a lot of the “why I joined slimming world” posts on Instagram, where you share the picture and leave a comment why. However Slimming World is SUCH a big part of my life that I feel I owe this a bit more time and consideration and write it as a post instead.
At my biggest I hated to go out. I never felt happy in myself and I shied away from cameras. I decided that I needed to change my life for the better. Not only in the way had I looked but also my mental and physical health. I had a son and a husband to think about and I wanted them to be proud of me, not ashamed when they looked at me. I didn’t want Oliver to get bullied when it came to him going to school for having a fat mum and most importantly I wanted to live long enough to see him grow up and live his life.

When I was younger my mum lost a lot of weight following a low carb diet. Then I saw her put it back on. When she joined slimming world I saw a change for the better. She lost weight in a healthy way, and she was so passionate about it she became a slimming world consultant. So when I decided to do something about my weight (about 5 years later!) Slimming World was the first place I turned to. It’s not a diet, it’s a healthy eating lifestyle. It is about re-educating yourself and the way you eat.

I get SO infuriated when I see people spending out all this money on fad diets, wraps and slimming schemes where whole food groups are cut out of your diet. This is NOT a sustainable way to live your life! Nothing is off limits on Slimming World, as long as you learn balance.
That’s why I will always recommend Slimming World to someone who is trying to lose weight, I feel so proud when people message me to say that they consider me an inspiration, that because of me they feel like they can change their life, and it’s just another benefit of this weight loss journey that I couldn’t have even imagined when I first started.

K x


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