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Weekly catch up – winter cocktails and binge eating

Hello you lovely people. I’m writing this week’s catch up in the midst of a food coma, but more on that later!

I’ve had another hectic week this week, with school open days, job interviews and appointments, but with a bit of planning ahead I was able to make sure I had a week 100% on plan. This meant that I got a 4lb loss on the scales on Saturday morning! More than happy with that, takes me to 5lbs left to my Christmas target of nine and a half stone.

So what did I do to celebrate? Went out and ate and drank EVERYTHING in sight!

I was Lucky enough to win tickets to the Manchester Cake and Bake show from JimJam spreads (review coming soon!) so on Saturday we went there and aside from some parking drama, we had a fab day! I managed to be quite restrained when it came to the freebies and samples, stuck to zero Cal Lucozade and an Alpen light which came in the goody bag rather than a glass of champagne and a mince pie!

As it was connected to the Ideal Home at Christmas exhibition we were able to get into that as well. And with the Christmas trees, decorations and seasonal music, we well and truly got into the Christmas spirit!

I got myself a Christmassy mason mug (I couldn’t resist) and I did buy some not so slimming world treats, but after stuffing my face with some of the goodies, I sat down and worked out the syn values so I can still enjoy them while sticking to plan.

Saturday night was double date night with my bestie and her man. We went to café Istanbul (for a change!) on the purple bus. 

I shared a fishcake to start then we got our usual main of the Iskander (Turkish mixed grill) with Rice and chips washed down with a Porn star Martini (I couldn’t resist!) But I only had one in the restaurant, I switched to water after that…. Until we got to the Christmas markets!

We found a log cabin themed bar where you could hire out these mini part cabins (SO COOL) and decided to work our way through the cocktail menu! My favourites were the “Warm Dup Rum Punch” (it literally tasted like liquid Christmas pudding!) and one that was a glass of prosecco with gingerbread and hazelnut syrup in it and topped with a gingerbread biscuit.

So because I’m not a responsible adult and decided to mix my drinks I was obviously suffering the next morning. And instead of getting up and making myself a nice healthy breakfast, fuelling my body with good stuff… I got up and stuffed my face with chocolate!
We met Andy at the golf club for lunch (Chicken sandwich with some of Olivers chips!) then went to the shop to pick up some essentials for the week… and a tub of ice cream with I ate after my Indian takeaway (chicken Rogan josh, boiled rice, garlic naan and poppadum’s) and then spent the rest of the night feeling like a fat sick pig!
It feels like all I do at the moment is have a good week then make myself feel crap after a rubbish weekend! I’ve set myself this Christmas target to hopefully change this pattern of behaviour as I KNOW that it’s not a healthy relationship with food.
It’s a good thing Mondays are for fresh starts, I’m definitely making the most of them! Heres to a good week on the SW train and some kind of loss on Saturday (unlikely!)

Hope you have all had a fab week!

K x


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