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Being a mum

Being a mum is HARD (understatement of the century). As much as I love it and it’s the most rewarding thing in the world its bloody hard work. Never ending piles of washing, cooking, sleepless nights and arguments over car doors (don’t ask!)
I call Oliver the Brat Child but that’s only because he’s not. Most of the time he’s a pretty easy going kid who only really plays up when he’s tired and in reality I think I hit the kid jackpot. Give him a train to play with and he’s happy for hours.

80% of the time I feel like I’m doing this “mum” thing wrong. I’m not exactly a responsible grown up myself. I find fart jokes way funnier than I should and I’d rather play wrestle than hoover. But… when I see him functioning like a proper human being I can stop and think maybe I’m doing something right. To see the little person that I “made” running around and laughing, playing with friends and singing songs brings my heart so much joy that it can make up for a lifetime of sleepless nights, meals that I spent an hour cooking that are disregarded with just a look and outfits that have been worn for precisely 2 minutes before they’re covered in all sorts of crap (sometimes literally!)

What I’m trying to say is being a parent isn’t easy. We can all only do the best with the tools we are given, and unfortunately the tool kit doesn’t include a manual. So don’t beat yourself up, stop, take a breath and just take a look at the little person you have created, in their eyes you will never be a failure, you will only ever be super mum or dad who knows the answers to everything ever.

K x


6 thoughts on “Being a mum

  1. You are doing a fab job. It’s so annoying that we always have to doubt ourselves and I think that this culture of seeing everyone’s perfect pictures on social media doesn’t help one bit. I am definitely the same as you.. thirty years old and feel like I’m still a child myself! Keep up the great work mama!

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