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Weekly catch up: Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!!!


I missed my weekly catch up last week 1) because I’m crap and 2) I was binge eating again. I really need to get out of this cycle where I finally get happy with myself then go into a frenzy eating everything in sight and putting loads of weight back on!

The weekend before last my mum and brother came to stay with us. As well as doing some shopping we went on a pumpkin hunt at a heritage site near us. 
It was REALLY good, even though the weather was grotty, both boys really enjoyed themselves, running through the woods finding the pictures and trying to make a word out of the letters they found. We followed up the pumpkin hunt with hot chocolates and cake and a gazillion syns from the food market… spiced blackberry and cherry scones with clotted cream and jam and millionaires shortbread were amazing!

I made the SpicenTice Gai Yang Satay for a syn free tea, which was really nice, definitely one I’d recommend and be trying again, it’s not like Chinese satay, as it’s not peanutty but its spicy and tasty and SO easy to make. We had that with roasted veg and egg fried cauli rice while all the boys ate pizza! 

 Sunday morning Andy went to golf while the rest of us carved our Halloween pumpkins! I got a bit more adventurous this year and was way pleased with the result! Then we went and met Andy at the Golf club so the boys could get some practice on the driving range and me and mum got a pumpkin spice latte (a definite perk of the golf club, may be making the most of this more often!), can you tell that there was a definite pumpkin theme going on this weekend?!

Oliver had a Halloween party and went trick or treating on Monday so the house is FULL of sweets, I’ve had to hide them to stop him (and me!) eating them all! But just remind me for next time… painting a two-nearly-three year olds face is HARD WORK! And it’s even harder work making sure they don’t wipe their face over every piece of furniture/ carpet in sight is even harder!

The rest of the week and last weekend were quiet.  I went over my syns on Saturday, eating too much chocolate BUT I stuck to plan Saturday daytime and got straight back on track on Sunday… even though I was tempted to finish Saturday’s leftover chocolates for breakfast! GO ME.

I made some totally SW friendly pumpkin spice French toast instead!

This week I’ve decided to start a bullet journal. It’s something I have been looking at for a little while and I’ve finally got around to setting it all up in a way that I’m hoping will work for me! If you’d like to see a post where I go into more detail on this please let me know in the comments.

So that’s my (two)weekly catch up!! Heres to a new week, new starts and new goals
K x


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