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A few weeks back I got sent an ACTUAL TREASURE CHEST to the office. Needless to say there was some excitement to find out what was in it… even more so when we found out that it was full of popcorn!

The lovely folks over at proper corn sent me the treasure chest of their flavours to sample and review and as it’s a snack that’s EXTREMELY slimming world friendly I was excited to give them a go.

Out of all the bags I tried, I only found ONE unpopped kernel which I thought was good going as with some other popcorn brands you normally find a couple per bag.

Lightly Sea Salted – 4.5 Syns per serving (30g)

This is the one I was least bothered about trying. All I can say about this flavour is that it’s not TOO salty.

Smooth Peanut and Almond – 6 syns per serving (30g)
In contrast to the last flavour this is probably the one I was most excited to try as I love peanut and almond butter. The nut flavouring was a dry powder, which felt dry on my tongue at first and I didn’t think I liked it…then I carried on eating it…then I finished the bag. Turns out I did like it I just had to get used to the flavouring.

Sweet and Salty – 6.5 syns per serving (30g)
This one is hands down my favourite with a good ratio of sweet to salt.

Sweet coconut & Vanilla – 6 syns per serving (30g)
I made the mistake of sharing this one with the brat child, now I have to fight him for it! A good sweet vanilla taste which pairs really well with the coconut flavour. This one is VERY sweet though, and that’s coming from the world’s biggest sweet tooth.

Sour Cream & Black Pepper – 4.5 Syns per serving (30g)
This is my favourite of the savoury flavours, a good smooth sour cream flavour with an after hit of black pepper to spice it up.

Fiery Worcester sauce & Sun Dried Tomato – 4.5 Syns per serving (30g)

This one reminds me of spicy NikNaks. A good spicy flavour that satisfied the savoury craving.

You can buy Propercorn from most supermarkets, as well as Holland and Barret, boots and some Primark stores in share size bags and multipacks.

Have you tried these? What did you think? I would definitely recommend these as a Slimming world friendly snack
K x


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