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New Year… New Me Week 1

Hi guys, Im back! Ive started the year completely afresh, new outlook on life and eating, new job and new focuses!

I waited until the start of my second week before I wrote this post because I didn’t want to start on the negative that I’d been of plan for the whole of December and put on an obscene amount of weight. Doing it this way means I can say that I started the year with a positive outlook and I’m able to say I lost 6lbs! I stayed on plan for 6 days, within my syns and doing SP days.

Because I’m now working longer hours and I’m out of the house more, I’m having to be a LOT more prepared and organised. I’m making use of my meal planner (download yours Here) and preparing a lot more the night before. However at the TOP of my to-do list at the moment is to buy a cute and practical diary. Im not the kind of person that can log everything on my phone, I have to put it in my phone AND write it down!

Im still sticking to my new years resolutions so far! (see my list Here)I need to put more work into the whole reading more one, and schedule the time in to do it, but I’m thinking a bath tonight will help me get to that!!!

Andy got me my new camera for christmas, and I’m wanting to log more. So i uploaded my first What I Eat in a Day video to youtube today. If you want to see it the link is


Hope your all having a fab 2017 so far!

K x


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