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Product review: Claudi & Fin

When Claudi and Fin approached me to see if they could send me some of their frozen yogurt ice lollies to try I couldn’t say yes quick enough as it was a brand I had seen and was vaguely aware of and something that was on my “need to try” list.The brand was created by two mums who met a playgroup and wanted to create natural lollies without the added nasties and went on to be stocked in supermarkets nationwide!

These ice lollies are made from fruit and natural Greek yogurt… that’s it! So I feel more than comfortable giving them to the brat child as a sweetbuthealthy treat. What’s even better is that they’re only 50 ish calories (depending on flavour) so at 2.5 syns each for a full size lolly, I can enjoy them too!

I tried the mango and the strawberry flavours, and although the mango is mine and The Brat Childs favourite, they’re both really tasty and refreshing. Il take one of these over a mini twister (same syn value!) any day!

I can pick these up at my local Tesco’s, but you can also get them at Sainsburys, Ocado, Budgens and Waitrose and if you head over to the Claudi and Fin website now you can get 75p off your next purchase.


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