RECIPE: sweet and sour chicken (Syn free)


Diced chicken breast

Stir fry veg

2 tbs white wine vinegar

4 tbs soy sauce 

2 tbs tomato purée 

2 tsp Chinese 5 spice

1 chicken oxo cube

2 tsp garlic


  1. Spray a pan with fry light, brown the chicken
  2. Add the stir fry veg (I use frozen because it’s more convenient for me)
  3. While the veg is cooking mix the white wine vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, 5 spice, tomato purée and oxo cube in a bowl, then add to the veg.
  4. Let the mix cook for 5-10 minutes to ensure the chicken is cooked all the way through

I serve this with noodles or egg fried cauliflower rice on SP days.

K x