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Cuban marinated pork – syn free

After randomly buying a pork fillet in last week’s shopping, I ended up having to resort to my trusty Google for some recipe inspiration. I saw a few different Cuban themed recipes which looked delicious, so with some slimming world adjustments, I came up with a totally syn free version, it does require some preparation…… Continue reading Cuban marinated pork – syn free

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Cinnamon doughnut- style waffles (HEB)

When the weekend rolls round, I feel like I deserve a treat, even if I haven’t necessarily done anything treat-worthy! The fact that I’m up and functioning at any level on Saturdays or Sundays deserves a reward if you ask me! These recent, syn free creations definitely fall in to the reward category. Warm and…… Continue reading Cinnamon doughnut- style waffles (HEB)

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Why I took an Insta (and slimming world) break…..

  Hello! I am back from my social media silence and it feels strange, but in a good way, to be writing again!  I want my journey to be an honest one, honest with both myself and you guys. Because losing weight is not easy, keeping weight off when you’ve lost it is not easy…… Continue reading Why I took an Insta (and slimming world) break…..