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My Weight loss Journey

I started my weightloss journey (again) in April 2015. Since then I have lost 4 stone, then gained 10lbs back over Christmas.
When I started I weighted 14 st 11 lbs, I hated going out, I felt that my husband didn’t find me attractive and I knew that my son would grow up to be ashamed of me. Every time I had to go out I would spend hours deliberating over what to wear because nothing looked good on me and there are very few photos of me with Oliver when he was really young as I hated the camera.
When I saw the pictures from Olivers christening something clicked. There was not one I liked. I looked like a fat sweaty mess. And knowing that these were the pictures Oliver would look back on made me feel ashamed. So I started Slimming world the next day.

This has not been a quick journey for me, it has taken will power and some strength and some days I would have murdered someone for a pie, but I feel that it’s worthwhile. For me the good thing about Slimming world is that I can enjoy small treats within my syns each day. I don’t mind going without a bag of crisps at lunch knowing that I can have some chocolate or pudding in the evening.

I generally tend to loose between 1 and 3 lbs a week but some weeks I maintain and I have had the odd gain. I don’t get discouraged by a maintain though and I know if I hadn’t been on plan I probably would have gained weight and if I do have a gain I know there’s probably a reason for it and it makes me more determined for a better loss the following week.

The feeling that you get when someone compliments you or notices that you have lost weight, makes you feel so good about yourself. It makes me feel proud of what I have achieved.  

I know that I am not at target yet but I’m the closest I have ever been and I am 100% confident that I WILL get there.


2 thoughts on “My Weight loss Journey

  1. Determination and the love of those around you – makes everything that should be right, just happen. Having achieved gives you confidence, bravado an inner strength and makes you feel and look totally different. A great chapter in your life young mum


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