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Hash browns – syn free

Hash Browns – syn Free

There is nothing worse on a weekend morning than watching someone eat a big fat Maccies breakfast, I get an actual craving for hash browns when I see someone else eating them. But, at 4.5 syns EACH, that’s a pretty big chunk of a days syns, so I made some syn free ones.


1 Potato

1 onion

1 egg



Fry light

1) Put a silicone waffle mould or muffin tray into a preheated oven, to get hot

2) Grate the potato and the onion, squeeze out the excess moisture (I use a muslin, but a clean tea towel could be used for this)

3) Mix the egg, salt and pepper into the grated mix

4) Take the waffle mould (or tray) out of the oven and spray with fry light. Spoon the mix in and spray again with fry light

5) Bake for 20-25 minutes, turning half way (any stray bits of onion or potato may catch and burn)

6) Take the hash browns out of the mould, place on a baking tray, respray with fry light and bake for a further 5- 10 minutes to crisp up.

Hope you enjoy these as much as I did! Don’t forget to let me know if you try them!

K x


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