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Recipe: Ginger, Garlic and Soy roasted Salmon and Veg 

  This has become one of my favourite recipes over the last couple of years, because it’s quick, easy, and I know it’s full of foods which will help on my weight loss journey!   Ingredients  2 salmon fillets 1 red pepper 1 onion 1 courgette Mushrooms Tomatoes 4 tbs soy sauce 1sp ginger paste 2 tsp garlic  …… Continue reading Recipe: Ginger, Garlic and Soy roasted Salmon and Veg 

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Red Onion & Pepper Chutney (syn free)

I am always on the look out for accompaniments to go with my slimming world friendly meals, to stop them from being repetitive. So after experimenting with syn free ketchup’s and salsas, i decided to make a chutney, and it was one of my better decisions! Ingredients 1 finely diced red pepper 1 finely diced…… Continue reading Red Onion & Pepper Chutney (syn free)

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Cuban marinated pork – syn free

After randomly buying a pork fillet in last week’s shopping, I ended up having to resort to my trusty Google for some recipe inspiration. I saw a few different Cuban themed recipes which looked delicious, so with some slimming world adjustments, I came up with a totally syn free version, it does require some preparation…… Continue reading Cuban marinated pork – syn free

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Cinnamon doughnut- style waffles (HEB)

When the weekend rolls round, I feel like I deserve a treat, even if I haven’t necessarily done anything treat-worthy! The fact that I’m up and functioning at any level on Saturdays or Sundays deserves a reward if you ask me! These recent, syn free creations definitely fall in to the reward category. Warm and…… Continue reading Cinnamon doughnut- style waffles (HEB)