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Halo top – worth the hype?

January 2018 saw a new product launch from the states, Halo top low calorie, high protein ice cream. Ranging from 280-240 calories for the tub, depending on flavour, combined with a half price special offer, made slimmer’s all over the country go mad looking for the tubs. 7 flavours were released in the UK: Chocolate…… Continue reading Halo top – worth the hype?

Blog posts · Product reviews

REVIEW: Tasty Little Numbers

When a parcel gets delivered to work and all your workmates crowd around to see it, it best be good to avoid being the office disappointment of the day! And my delivery from tasty little numbers didn’t let me down!  This company ( has a tag line of “take the messin outta guessin” offering a…… Continue reading REVIEW: Tasty Little Numbers

Blog posts · Product reviews · slimming world

REVIEW: Spice-n-tice spice and seasoning kits

There is a reason why Spice-n-tice receives so much love on Instagram. These little packets of spices and seasonings pack a whole heap of flavour.  When I was sent a package of Spice-n-tice’s latest products to try, I immediately did that week’s meal plan to accommodate trying as many as possible! Having tried some of…… Continue reading REVIEW: Spice-n-tice spice and seasoning kits